Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Experience Secure, Fast and Easy Surfing in UAE

Can’t access to your favorite websites whenever you’re in UAE? Want to talk and chat with your friends and family way home from Dubai but can’t access to Skype, Facebook Voip? If you cannot access and enjoy the cool sites in UAE like way back in your country then it’s time for you to learn the easiest solution for your problem.

Internet users in the UAE, citizens and tourists alike, are worrying about how to enjoy their limited internet freedom. Many sites are blocked and internet services are limited only to paid users in UAE. Due to the government’s religious, moral and ethical reasons messenger sites and most social networking sites are under the internet censorship laws. How to open blocked sites in UAE, fortunately is easy if you have the right service in your hands.

Millions of internet users in UAE have the similar problem of yours. Blocked sites? Not anymore. You can easily access to the blocked websites while staying anonymous and keeping your personal data safe and secure. How? By using VPN service or virtual private network service.

The UAE blocked websites by IP block. When you visit sites in UAE you are connected to the UAE IP or the IP of the country. That is why you cannot visit certain sites that are blocked in UAE IP. The best way on how to open blocked sites in UAE is simply hiding your real IP address and using another IP of the country where selected websites are not banned.

You might try proxy service and VPN service like
to hide your real IP address and you can access to the restricted sites. Proxy service is free of charge, however, it is unreliable to use, low security level and you get slow connection when using it. But with vpn service, you don’t have to experience all that. Virtual private network allows you to visit in an unknown IP location while encrypting the internet traffic sent by a vpn channel.

Using VPN, however, is not free and you have to pay for the services. A reliable and good vpn services are offered in a reasonable price, for about 10$ a month, in return for safe and secured web surfing. iPad, iPod touch, Mac, iPhone, PC or any gadget that support vpn technology also works. So whenever you are in a trip in UAE, you can readily connect to the sites with your mobile phone or pc. Try using vpn service today and start to open blocked sites in UAE.